About us
Through the Rough Seas
Life is a rocky road with its ups and downs.

Through the rough seas is a state of mind that means perseverance in the face of adversity.

We have spent enough time standing in the cold rain to favour simple, functional designs focusing on materials that respect the harsh northern climate.

Makia was born in the harbour of Helsinki according to these basic principles – to stand the test of time and to be with you for years to come.
Makia’s flagship store
Our Helsinki flagship store is powered by renewable energy from Nordic Green Energy. Our 2020 energy consumption was 11,676 kWh (+4% compared to 2019). Renewable energy is CO₂ free.
Makia’s HQ
Our headquarters are located in Katajanokka, Helsinki. Office energy is included in the rent and it comes from mixed energy sources. 2019 energy consumption was 18,218 kWH (+22% compared to 2018). Increase came from new staff members. 
CO₂ emissions
Makia's own operations CO₂ emissions are based on the purchased energy. Flagship store's energy is from renewable materials (38% from Makia's total energy consumption) and does not create CO₂ emissions. Our HQ energy is from mixed energy sources and created CO₂ emissions in 2019 2,57 tons (+22% from 2018). 
No sales policy
Makia's no sales policy supports our vision of long-lasting and valued products. 
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